When members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attend the temple, they come dressed in their Sunday-best.  Women are typically wearing dresses or skirts.  Men are wearing slacks, dress shirts and ties.

Once inside the temple, Mormons change from these street clothes to temple attire.  This attire can vary depending on which ordinances will be performed.

Baptism for the deadmormon-baptism

When Mormons come to be baptized on behalf of their deceased ancestors, they are dressed in all white.  For example, the person who will perform the baptism will wear white slacks and a white shirt (see picture).

White clothing is worn to symbolize purity.  When an individual is baptized, he is demonstrating his faith in Jesus Christ and is baptized for the remission of sins.  Through Jesus’ sacrifice, the person being baptized is made clean and forgiven of past sins.


Similarly, members of the Church will change into all white to participate in the endowment ceremony.  Women will wear white dresses and men will wear white slacks, shirt and tie.

In addition, certain ceremonial vestments are part of the endowment ceremony and are placed on top of the white clothing.

Wedding / Sealing

When friends or family come to watch a bride and groom get married, they attend the ceremony in their normal Sunday-best attire (described at the beginning of the article).  The bride and groom are dressed in white and are also wearing the ceremonial vestments from the endowment ceremony as a reminder of the promises they have made earlier to God in that ceremony.