Marriage / Wedding

Being married in the temple is a goal that Mormon youth look forward to from a very young age.

Why is a Mormon temple marriage special?

mormon-marriageNearly all marriage ceremonies include the words “till death do us part.”  These words essentially mean that while that marriage is binding in this life, the marriage is dissolved upon death.

On the other hand, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that marriages can be for time and all eternity.  There is no “till death do us part” in the marriage ceremony but rather the marriage contract is established to continue forever.

Why would we want to allow death to separate us from our spouse whom we love and care about?  The marriage is often called a “sealing”, using similar language to the promise that Jesus gave Peter that whatsoever he ‘bound’ in this life through the priesthood would be ‘bound’ in heaven (Matthew 16:19).

What is a Mormon temple wedding like?

Family and friends are invited to attend the ceremony and are seated surrounding an altar. (These family and friends need to have a temple recommend which they can receive from their local church leaders.)  On the walls of the sealing room, there are large parallel mirrors.  As the bride and groom kneel at the altar and look at the mirrors, it appears as though they extend for eternity as the mirrors reflect off of each other.  A beautiful sight!

The bride and groom are dressed in white (the bride in her wedding dress, the groom in white slacks, shirt and tie).  They also wear the traditional ceremonial vestments worn during the endowment ceremony that serve as a reminder of the earlier promises they each made to God to follow His commandments.

The officiator is an authorized priesthood holder, known as a “sealer.”  The sealer welcomes the bride and groom, as well as the friends and family in attendance.  He then has an opportunity to give a brief personal statement, often in the form of advice to the bride and groom.

The sealer then performs a simple but beautiful marriage ceremony, promising blessings to the bride and groom as they keep their covenants to each other and to God.